Combine X-Ray Radiography Know-How with Medical Assisting Skills and Broaden Your Career Options

A medical assistant with limited x-ray career begins with a standard MA education and combines with a concentration in x-ray radiography. This combined education and training provides starting MAs with limited x-ray with versatile and sought-after skills. An MA with limited x-ray is a medical professional who demonstrates knowledge of clinical operations, basic x-ray technology and compassionate patient care.

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Job Description and Main Tasks

Professionals with this specialty assist physicians and medical groups with a number of different tasks, including basic x-ray operations and safety as well as medical assisting procedures. Like other assistants working in an environment where people’s well-being, health and safety is involved, you can expect to work under the close supervision of a doctor, and it is very important to keeping clinical processes running smoothly. This involves learning and following religiously standardized procedures for each situation.

Most MAs with limited x-ray perform clinical and administrate tasks, in addition to patient coordination and doctors throughout tests and treatments. These professionals, unlike other MAs, are also specialized in using x-ray imaging equipment and performing basic x-ray procedures.

Training for a Medical Assistants with a Limited X-Ray Concentration

The education involved in earning a medical assistant certificate with limited x-ray includes instruction on medical ethics, anatomy and physiology, clinical pharmacology and x-ray radiography. The limited x-ray education also has additional requirements. In order to work with x-rays, professionals are required to pass the ARRT certification exam, which demonstrates proficiency in basic x-ray operations. Most limited x-ray programs graduates are eligible to take the exam. In addition, some states may have other certification or continuing education requirements for this profession.

Job Outlook and Employers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the medical assistant profession is expected to grow by a significant 29% in only 10 years. This brings the total number of working medical assistants from 634,400 to 818,300 by the year 2026. Most medical assistants with limited x-ray are employed by major healthcare centers, although some are employed by regional clinics and small doctors’ offices as well.

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