Arizona – Schools, Programs and Other Education Options in Radiology Technology

There is currently a nationwide shortage of professionals working in the field of radiologic technology. While the demand for x-ray technologists has remained steady or grown slightly in most parts of the country, the number of available practitioners has decreased.

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Although the number of technologists has declined at a slightly slower rate in Arizona than in the rest of the country, the state is still a great place to pursue this career. The shrinking field means that current graduates in radiology technology are more likely to find a well-paying job upon earning their degree.

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Salaries for Radiologic Technologists

In Arizona, the average annual salary is $79,770, with the lowest 10% earning $54,320 or less and the highest 10% earning $102,160 or more. Nationally, the average salary is $73,410, with the lowest 10% earning $50,020 or less and the highest 10% earning $102,380 or more. This data highlights the differences in wages between Arizona and the national average, and it also breaks down salaries by percentiles for further detail.

National vs. Local Salaries

Location Average Salary 10% Earn Less Than 10% Earn More Than
United States $73,410 $50,020 $102,380
Arizona $79,770 $54,320 $102,160

Salaries and Percentiles by Region

Region 10% Earn Less Than 25% Earn Less Than Median Salary 75% Earn More Than 10% Earn More Than
United States $50,020 $60,690 $73,410 $84,670 $102,380
Arizona $54,320 $64,300 $79,770 $94,190 $102,160
Arizona nonmetropolitan area $51,900 $60,190 $78,330 $87,460 $97,810
Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ $54,130 $62,400 $65,430 $80,800 $93,960
Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ $54,320 $64,410 $80,770 $97,730 $102,400
Prescott, AZ $60,450 $63,570 $78,760 $93,680 $97,180
Sierra Vista-Douglas, AZ $59,470 $63,310 $75,990 $78,720 $86,220
Tucson, AZ $48,800 $61,860 $77,180 $93,760 $94,630
Yuma, AZ $48,280 $55,640 $70,160 $87,470 $106,000

Radiologic technologist Trends in Alabama

In Arizona, there were 5,150 employees in 2020, projected to grow to 7,210 by 2030, representing a 40% increase, with 640 annual job openings. Nationally, there were 222,800 employees in 2022, projected to grow to 235,000 by 2032, a 6% increase, with 13,100 annual job openings.

Employment Trends

Location Year Employment Projected Employment Growth Annual Job Openings
Arizona 2020 5,150 7,210 40% 640
United States 2022 222,800 235,000 6% 13,100

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Radiology Requirements in Arizona

Arizona professionals in the field of radiology technology from limited license X-ray technicians to radiologist assistants must pass the appropriate American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam. Practitioners working in nuclear medicine must also pass the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMCTB) exam. Limited license X-ray technicians who want to practice in Arizona must complete a limited license program within the state of Arizona. Medical imaging equipment operators (MIOs) must be certified by the ARRT or have met the educational requirements set forth by their employer. Diagnostic medical imaging departments must also be granted certification by the Arizona Department of Health Services.


Radiologic Technology Schools in Arizona

Pima Medical Institute: Pima Medical Institute has an accredited educational program with multiple locations around the western United States, including Tucson, Phoenix, and Mesa. These locations offer an Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiography (Radiologic Technology) for new professionals, as well as an online advanced track radiologic technology program for students with some prior radiology technology training. Current radiologic technologists may also earn a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science completely online to be better qualified for advancement in their field. Continuing accreditation status is granted by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.

Other Schools to Consider

Several other schools around Arizona offer Associate of Science degrees in radiologic technology. These schools include Arizona Western College in YumaCentral Arizona College in Coolidge between Phoenix and Tucson, and Pima Community College in Tucson. These educational programs and schools offer more of a traditional community college experience for radiologic technology students who are looking for more than just a fast track to a degree. Additionally, Arizona students can look outside the State (note that public universities and colleges will charge more for non-residents). There are good options in Southern California in general, and Los Angeles in particular, in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV to the north, and limited options in Albuquerque, NM, and in Salt Lake City, Utah. Further afield you can consider x-ray technician schools in Colorado and Texas.

Certified Radiologic Technologist

(CRT) and Registered Radiologic Technologist (RRT) Credentials

Once they have completed the appropriate educational program, new radiology technology practitioners can apply for either the Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT) credential or the Registered Radiologic Technologist (RRT) credential. Although both certifications are available from the ARRT, the RRT certification offers a higher level of credibility and allows practitioners to practice in more specialized fields. To be eligible to work as an RRT, students must complete an accredited radiology technology program and pass the ARRT exam. The certification exam administered by the ARRT is one of the most comprehensive and rigorous tests available in the field.

Professional Organizations

Radiology science professionals in Arizona are well advised to use the resources available to them through their professional organizations. Societies such as the Arizona State Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASSRT) can help technologists make professional contacts and stay abreast of any changes in state regulations. The ASSRT is the Arizona affiliate of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT.) Technologists in Arizona should also be familiar with the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency (ARRA), which oversees licensing for the state.

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is a national organization responsible for certifying and registering qualified professionals in the field of radiography. To become certified by the ARRT, an individual must pass both a written and clinical certification exam. The certification exam covers all areas of radiological technology, including anatomy and physiology, patient care and radiation protection, imaging procedures, radiobiology, and radiation physics. Certification is valid for two years and must be renewed to maintain the certification status.

Large Employers in Radiology

Large hospitals and medical centers are by far the largest employers of radiologic technologists. These large institutions are also generally able to offer the most competitive wages. Here are some of the most significant employers in Arizona in the field of radiology science.

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix
1111 East McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85006-2666
(602) 239-2000

Mayo Clinic, Phoenix
5777 East Mayo Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85054-4502
(480) 515-6296

Banner – University of Arizona Medical Center, Tucson
1501 North Campbell Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85724-5128
(520) 694-0111

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix
350 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013-4496
(602) 406-3000

Honor Health – Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale
9003 East Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6771
(480) 323-3000

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, Glendale
5555 West Thunderbird Road
Glendale, AZ 85306-4696
(602) 865-5555


JRCERT Accredited Radiography Programs in Arizona

Arizona Western College – Radiography

2020 S. Avenue 8E, Yuma AZ 85365-8834

Tel: (928) 314-9574

Program Name: Radiologic Technology

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 40 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 65%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 85%  Job Placement Rate: 100%

Tuition Fees: $3,034 Resident, $3,444 Non-resident

Central Arizona College – Radiography

Superstition Mountain Campus, Apache Junction AZ 85119-5231

Tel: (480) 677-7746

Program Name: Radiologic

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 41 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 100%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 98%  Job Placement Rate: 100%

Tuition Fees: $2,310 Resident, $4,620 Non-resident

GateWay Community College-Washington Campus – Radiography

108 North 40th Street, Phoenix AZ 85034

Tel: (602) 286-8502

Program Name: Medical Radiography

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 132 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 85%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 88%  Job Placement Rate: 93%

Tuition Fees: $4,536 Resident, $10,360 Non-resident

Mohave Community College – Radiography

3400 Highway 95, Building 1100, Bullhead City AZ 86442

Tel: (928) 704-4391

Program Name: Radiologic Technology

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 28 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 91.7%

Tuition Fees: $2,784 Resident, $9,400 Non-resident

Pima Community College – Radiography

2202 West Anklam Road, Tucson AZ 85709-0080

Program Name: Radiologic Technology

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 60 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 91.3%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 99%  Job Placement Rate: 100%

Tuition Fees: $2,754 Resident, $10,650 Non-resident

Pima Medical Institute-Mesa – Radiography

957 South Dobson Road, Mesa AZ 85202

Tel: (480) 844-5550

Program Name: Radiography

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 106 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 89%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 86%  Job Placement Rate: 84%

Tuition Fees: $15,687 Resident, $15,687 Non-resident

Pima Medical Institute-Online – Radiography

40 North Swan Road, Suite 100, Tucson AZ 85711

Tel: (520) 909-0111

Program Name: Radiography

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 210 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 68%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 54%  Job Placement Rate: 83%

Tuition Fees: $20,633

Pima Medical Institute-Tucson – Radiography

3350 East Grant Road, Tucson AZ 85716

Tel: (520) 881-1284

Program Name: Radiography

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 75 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 79%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 88%  Job Placement Rate: 95%

Tuition Fees: $16,158 Resident, $16,158 Non-resident

Yavapai College – Radiography

1100 East Sheldon Street, Prescott AZ 86301

Tel: (928) 771-4866

Program Name: Radiologic Technology

Program Type: Associate of Applied Science

Duration: 24 months

Program Effectiveness: Completion Rate: 100%  Credential Examination Pass Rate: 98%  Job Placement Rate: 98%

Tuition Fees: $3,485 Resident, $16,605 Non-resident